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Ecoustic® Timbre Panel

InPalette ID: AC000000093
Series: Ecoustic® Timbre Panel
Pattern: Nordic
Brand: Instyle
Manufacturer: Instyle
Country: Australia
Warranty: no warranty
Price Range: Medium

Product Description

An acoustic panel with an elegant wood grain print for improved acoustic performance, Group 1 fire rating + Cradle to Cradle Bronze environmental certification, available in 3 sound absorbing thicknesses

100% PET
Panel Thickness / Dimensions:
9mm: 1200 x 2400mm approx, 12mm + 24mm: 1200 x 2700mm approx (panel thickness may vary +/-1-2mm approx.)
Partition, wall panel, ceiling
9mm: NRC 0.3 / αw 0.2 (Direct Fix), NRC 0.85 / αw 0.78 (200mm airgap)
12mm: NRC 0.4 / αw 0.25 (Direct Fix), NRC 0.85 / αw 0.8 (200mm airgap)
24mm: NRC 0.65 / αw 0.45 (Direct Fix), NRC 0.9 / αw 0.82 (150mm airgap), NRC 0.95 / αw 0.95 (200mm airgap)
Refer to product info for more acoustic results

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