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Most architectural firms and designers have their own physical library of materials in their office, like carpet swatches, wall covering samples, tiles, and hardwoods for flooring. These libraries are nearly impossible to keep up to date — not only do styles change over time (just like clothes or anything else) but architects pull this or that binder of wall coverings or carpets and there’s no telling if or when that binder returns to the library, or if the binder will still be complete when it does return. 

Therefore InPalette aggregate materials across hundreds of vendors, clients and designers may filter by multiple parameters to select the proper materials in minutes instead of hours, saving time to gather samples, and minimize the environmental waste with dozens of delivery boxes. InPalette operates an online design platform and project materials order service that empowers our member to design and collaborate. We provided multi-category materials and product for order included but not limited to carpet swatches, wall covering samples, tiles, and hardwoods for flooring which keep up with trend.

We provide sample board delivery with presentable packaging, as well as provide the clients a material schedule for the project by just few clicks in our website. For materials details or further interior design advises , clients may contact our professionals for the “One Stop Service”.

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Our members are mostly architects and designers, we welcome all kinds of brands of materials to create a bigger and stronger library. Join us and promote your products now!

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