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Ecoustic® Panels Raw l Instyle

InPalette ID: AC000032831
Series: Ecoustic® Panels Raw
Pattern: Mist on LT grey
Brand: Instyle
Manufacturer: Instyle
Country: Australia
Warranty: no warranty
Price Range: Medium

Product Description

Ecoustic Raw is a restrained and subtle acoustic panel print associated more commonly with industrial hard surfaces

100% PET (up to 65% recycled content)
Panel Thickness / Dimensions:
8mm + 25mm (stock), 13.5mm*, 50mm* + Ecoustic Screen 12mm* (*mins apply) / Print Dimensions: Panel 1200 x 2700mm approx. Screen 1200 x 2400mm approx.
Pattern Repeat
H: 1200mm V: 2700mm
screens, wall / ceiling panels, pinboards
- Improved Sound Absorption
- Improved Pinability
- Lightweight, Easy to Handle + Install
alpha w 0.34 - 1.0 / NRC 0.30 - 1.0 dependent on panel thickness, refer to Ecoustic® Panel information

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